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About us

Metzka GmbH was founded in 1978 by Mr. H.-J. Metzka. Since then, the company has developed into a competitive, competent manufacturer of electro-plating lines and other special systems.

Our owner-operated, medium-sized company has the capacities and flexibility needed to quickly accommodate the specific needs of our customers.

All systems are manufactured in accordance with the individual wishes of the customer and their chemical processes.

Metzka GmbH is a specialised company recognised in accordance with the German Water Ressources act (WHG) and operates in compliance with the standards of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

Plating on plastic at SAXONIA Galvanik GmbH

Experience means success

As a partner for industry with more than 35 years of experience, we serve customers from the automotive, metal-working, sanitary household-appliance and circuit board production industries - to name a few. Quick decision-making channels, professional cooperation and dedicated process orientation define our work.

We have the technological expertise and competence needed to accommodate the wishes of our customers quickly, flexibly and in accordance with the highest quality standards. There's a good reason why we have overseen numerous line projects in Germany and abroad for many years.


Everything from one source

From the initial consultation to planning and manufacturing up to and including assembly and commissioning anywhere in the world, Metzka has your every need covered. Comprehensive customer-friendly service is at the heart of our business relations. Wether fast assembly, spare parts deliveries on the short notice or reliable maintenance on location: With Metzka's team of professionals, you are always in the very best hands.

Plastic electro plating at BIA Plastic and Plating Technology, Slovakia s.r.o.

High level of vertical integration

Our high level of vertical integration allows us to manufacture all lines directly at our establishment. At the same time, we comply with the highest standards in quality and safety along the entire production chain - Made in Germany. The result is high-quality, long-lasting lines capable of handling even the most complex tasks. Yet another advantage is our ability to accommodate the wishes of our customers on short notice.


We also carry products in the area of control and regulation technology. Metzka supplies you with solutions specifically tailored to your systems.


Outstanding performance

You benefit from our wealth of experience and reliability. Our professionals have the expertise necessary for accommodating all your needs and wishes. As your one-stop provider, Metzka is responsible not only for your system, but all corresponding peripherals. As a result, you can always rest assured that all tasks are taken care of as quickly as possible.

Even after your systems have been commissioned, we continue to serve you as a reliable partner: We train your employees, how to operate and service the plant or, if you prefer, we can take care of all plant maintenance for you. Our service specialists are familiar with all needs of your plant. Our specialists verify the condition and function of the equipment and plant parts down to the last detail and make any necessary adjustments or replacements. A detailed inspection report guarantees the necessary level of transparency.

Broad selection made to measure

Metzka GmbH offers you a broad range of services and products guaranteed to meet your every need. As experienced specialists for container and equipment building, we manufacture plastic containers made of PP, PE, PVC and PVDF as custom solutions for your needs. At the same time, our selection of product ranges from manually-operated lines for a wide range of applications such as rack systems, drum plants, cage systems etc. up to and including automatic lines with robotic loading units. 


Metzka is your supplier of choice for the following methods:

  • Plating of plastic (POP)
  • Systems for the circuit board industry (chemical and electroplating techniques)
  • Phosphatising plants
  • Electropolishing plants
  • Lines for electroless plating for nickel and gold
  • Lines for nickel and gold plating
  • Anodizing plants
  • Zink plating lines
  • Cleaning and etching systems for wafer production, among other things
  • Impregnation plants
  • Chrome and hard chrome plating systems
  • Blacking plants
  • Specialised systems for small and micro-sized parts using the vibroset technique
  • Special systems in accordance with customer wishes


Plating on plastic

Metzka develops and manufactures high-quality, long-lasting product solutions in the field of plastic electroplating. One of our projects in this area led us to explore new technological possibilities together with one of our customers. The goal was to replace the classic process with direct metallic plating in connection with the plastic pretreatment in order to avoid having to use complexing agents. Direct metallic plating offers a number of advantages over conventional plastic coating techniques. Certain procedural steps such as chemical nickel plating and rinsing are eliminated as a result.

Direct metallic plating also has a positive influence on reject rates. The shorter process times make it possible to boost the line productivity.



Efficient and competitive

Our surface coating lines are equipped with highly efficient exhaust air systems and, at request, air intake systems. At the same time, a high level of energy efficiency and sustainable resource management are of paramount importance. Equipped with a heat recovery unit whose performance is linked to the total output  of the exhaust air system, waste heat is used to heat the intake air. As a result, we were able to achieve annual savings of 3 MWh for heating the intake air with one of our line projects so that our customer required no additional energy input for approximatly 90% of the heating period.

Plating on plastic
Efficient and competitive
Resource saving

Successful planning and flawless execution

The chroming proccess is performed for both chromium IV and chromium III electrolytes. This ensures that our customer is optimally prepared to handle a wide range of requirements. The line realised by Metzka was fitted with 12 transport carts. The voltage supply of the transport cars was achieved using low-maintenance power track systems. Data and signals are transmitted by WLAN. All lifting and travelling operations are frequency controlled. This achieves transport speeds of up to 80m per minute; special ramps prevent goods from rocking back and forth when the transport systems are moving or breaking.




Another aspect of resource preservation is the recovery of evaporated water downstream of the exhaust air scrubbers. This reduces the amount of water required by 40-50%. In addition to using the exhaust air system for heating and heat recovery, an atmospheric evaporative cooler can also be applied in order to use exhaust air to cool process baths such as baths with chromium electrolytes or with the heat exchangers installed in the scrubber in order to cool rectifier modules. In many cases, this eliminates the need for a seperate cooling machine and sustainably reduces operating costs.

For the benefit of the environment

In addition to being efficient, Metzka lines also conserve water, the most important resource of all. The recirculation of rinsing water in order to compensate evaporation losses, the processing of waste water with a vacuum distillation unit and recirculation as fresh process water minimises the unit's water consumption and production of waste water.


Eletroless nickel lines

In many cases, chemical nickel coatings are the solution of choice due to effective corrosion protection and accurate-to-size plating. In contrast to electrolytic techniques, nickel plating requires no external current. Chemical precipitation ensures optimal distribution of the electroplated nickel layers. Even in the case of components with complicated profiles, the layer structure achieved is exceedingly uniform and follows all contours (no edge formation).The special characteristic makes it possible for us to achieve accurate-to-size electroplating with a +/- 5-8% layer thickness tolerance.


Metzka has extensive expertise based on numerous applications of chemical nickel baths both with manually-operated and automatic lines. In particular, applications involving the coating of ceramic work materials have been achieved.

Concentration measurements

Our measurement equipment can be used for the continuous online monitoring of chemical and electro-plating baths. At the same time, the photometric measurement technique makes it possible to monitor the nickel, copper, chromium, cobalt and cadmium concentration. The equipment is easily installed directly in the filter or pump circuit. This combined with real-time operation of the measurement equipment makes it possible to continuously and reliably monitor the concentration of the solution. The measurement value converter used has various signal outputs. As a result, dosing pumps can be directly controlled via 3 limit value relays in order to regulate the bath concentration within the defined thresholds. The measurements are also made available for other analyses via the mA outputs. In summary, this offers the following advantages for our customers:

  • eliminates the need to cool the monitored medium for analytical purposes.
  • process temperatures of up to 95°C are possible (or higher if requested).
  • reliable quality assurance trough bath analysis in real time.
  • high savings potential trough the increase in the service life of the baths.
  • eliminates the need for the labour-intensive preparation of samples.
  • substantial reduction of sampling and lab testing.

Special and Manually-operated lines

We're also your partner of choice for specialised lines

No matter what task your line has to accomplish: With the specialists from Metzka, you are in the very best hands when it comes to small or specialised systems. You benefit from our high level of vertical integration and extensive expertise. From the processing of milimetresized components on manually-operated lines and automatic lines utilising the vibroset technique up to and including large lines, we are your partner of choice. We offer you the flexibility that corresponds to your needs. At the same time, we focus on the long-term optimisation of your processes.


Manually-operated lines

Metzka also manufactures manually-operated lines - from custom basins tailored to your individual needs to complete manually-operated lines including corresponding process monitoring and documentation. At request, manually-operated lines from Metzka can be manufactured so as to permit subsequent cost-efficient automation.

Fully-enclosed specialised lines

We also manufacture fully-closed specialised lines. The secure external closure ensures that the line processes are clean and environmentally-friendly. Another advantage:

The enclosure ensures that highly critical products are protected against harmful external factors such as dust or light. With enclosed lines any emmisions incurred can be effectivly evacuated to rule out any risk of leakage and deterioration of the product hall climate.

Enclosed lines from Metzka are the solution of choice when it comes to handling the hardest tasks around the clock.